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Daisy Rock Guitars sponsors Shoshke-Rayzl

"...very adventuresome guitar." Arwulf, WCBN

Photo by Sky at Pittaway Art.

Coming Up:

"May these humble concerts and every future concert stand in memory of the late great innovator, master teacher, lifetime mentor to so many of us, Bill Dixon, who passed away from this plane in June, 2010. His artistic legacy, his teachings and passion for art, music,dedication to the daily work of ones craft and to the essence of pure creativity will drive us forever!" Shosh

Shosh performing March 4th
"Lady Got Chops" Festival
Women's History Month


Shoshke-Rayzl Performs Friday, March 4, 2016 
With Guest Artist Kentucky Parkis, bass
5C Cultural Arts Center Cafe
68 Avenue C (@ E. 5th St.)
East Village, New York, NY 10009
(212) 477-5993
$10 cover + $10 min (drink/bev/food) to support 5C 

The 14th Annual "Lady Got Chops" Women's History Month Music and Arts Festival 

Shosh presents Solo Original Abstract Soundscapes on electric guitar with effects, with Electric Bass by Kentucky Parkis.
Possible Nylon String Classical Guitar Intro'

And Birthday Celebration for Kentucky! Yay!

Additional Performances 9pm-10pm by:
Meari Nam -pianist & Endea Owens-bass

See Boston Art Video Clip:

Shoshke-Rayzl performed solo electric guitar w/ efx at solo art exhibition by Philip Gerstein at Gallery Galatea in Boston April 19, 2015. Dancers Annette Urbschat and Reme Gold. Video by Dan Weiss.


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Friends and Art Lovers!

May we invite you this Sunday afternoon (2-4 pm), April 19, 2015 for our multi-media event at Philip Gerstein's middle-of-the-show Art Reception at the Galatea Gallery in the South End of Boston! 

460B Harrison Ave., #B-6
Boston, MA   02118
 Art, snacks -- and abstract soundscapes of electric guitar with effects from NYC musician Shoshke-Rayzl, who will be playing improvised and composed music in coordination with the colorful paintings!

 The art exhibition does not end until April 26 -- but it's your best chance to see it with the artist, experience the music, chill out -- and have a really good time!  ;-)

  Until soon!

     Warmly      >>PHILIP<<   &  >>SHOSH<< 

Philip Gerstein, "Libertad Y Alegria", Mixed Media, 36"X48", 2014

"Being There",  30" x 24",   oil stick, acrylic, pigment & mixed media on wood panel


Many artists work in more than one distinct style.  Rarely, however, the artworks of that "other" style make it into the same one-person show.  This exhibition would break that mold.
My paintings in this exhibition have this in common: ...the spirit of discovery, the use of color, a range
 of materials and a considerable variety of textures, scales, remake the world anew, to paint it fresh, to discover something I have not seen before...and to commune with some of the best, most alive modern and contemporary art.
Each painting, then, is a possible world, a one-time experiment that sings its own song,
 for its own joy within the 
universal pursuit of happiness, the universal attempt to avoid pain...
"Art is about not knowing where we're going" (Wolfgang Laib, German conceptual artist)
...all we really know is where we came from...
-Philip Gerstein
460B Harrison Ave., #B-6
Boston, MA   02118
Hours:  W-F 12-6pm; Sa-Su 12-5pm
Press Contact:
Marjorie Kaye

April 1-26, 2015
 Reception:   Sunday, April 19, 2-4pm





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CD's by Shosh:

The debut Noirkestra CD, Psi-Fi-Hi, creates a psychedelic space journey to groove you to new worlds.

Dub Affair's Caribe album was recorded on the open Caribbean Sea, entirely aboard a ship. It's pscychedubtronica, baby!

Look out for a variety of musical projects from Shosh -- including the range from "free"-style art music to classical chamber ensembles.



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SHOSH's PHOTO PRINTED IN DAISY ROCK 2009 CATALOG along w/ Heart, Blondie, Dolly Parton, The Bangles, Lisa Loeb, etc. in their annual "How Do You Daisy Rock?" spread!

Painting by Beth Schaeffer

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