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Yankl Halpern's "Logical" Layout Proposal

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For convenience, two views are given below in tabular form. The first is in alefbeyz order and the second in alphabetical order. Study both to get a good understanding of the internal logic of this system.

Explanation of Symbols:

==============Arranged by Alefbeyz========================

Letter Phonetic Alternate 1 Alternate 2


pasekh  alef  a

shtumer alef   A

komets alef o

beyz b

veyz V B*

gimel g

dalet d

hey h

vov u

melupm vov U

tsvey vovn v

vov yud O

zayin z

khes x+ H*

tes t

yud i y

khirek yud I

tsvey yudn E j* y+

pasekh tsvey yudn a+ q* J

khof x

langer khof X K+*

kof K

lamed l

mem m

shlos mem M

nun n

langer nun N

samekh s

ayin e

pey p

fey f

langer fey F

tsadek c

langer tsadek C

kuf k

reysh r

shin w*

sin s+ W*

tof T

sof S t+*


==============Arranged Alephabetically========================


Letter Lowecase Uppercase Alt+Letter


a pasekh alef shtumer alef pasekh tsvey yudn

b beyz veyz*

c tsadek langer tsadek

d dalet

e ayin tsvey yudn

f fey langer fey

g gimel

h hey khes*

i yud khirek yud

j tsvey tyudn* pasekh tsvey yudn*

u vov melupm vov

z zayin

x khof langer khof khes

k kuf kof langer khof*

l lamed

m mem shlos mem

n nun langer nun

o komets alef vov yud

p pey

q kof kuf

r reysh

s samekh sof sin

t tes tof

v tsvey vovn veyz

w shin* sin*

y yud pasekh tsvey yudn* tsvey yudn*