A Users' Guide to Yiddish on the Computer

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Blitspost un Vebzaytlekh (Email & WebPages) af Yidish

UYIP (Understanding Yiddish Information Processing)

Click here for an overview of yidish-kompyuteray (Yiddish computing) options.

In order to set up your computer to type Yiddish text, like this:
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please click on your operating system, below.

If you have special needs, you can also purchase commercial programs which do not require the above set-up procedures. However, most commercial programs are not compatible with each other and therefore do not enable Yiddish email in Yiddish characters. The author of this web page recommends that you try the above first. (It costs virtually nothing.) If you are not satisfied with the results, you can explore other options.  The above will help with: 1) Yiddish email, 2) Yiddish word processing, and 3) Yiddish web pages.

The author of these Users' Guide web pages is not a computer technology expert - just a user who is trying to compile notes which may be helpful to other users. I believe that all of the procedures and downloads on these web pages are completely safe, but everything here is at your own risk. Neither the web author nor UYIP are legally responsible in case of any problem.

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