Yiddish for Windows
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Requirements for Yiddish in Windows:

The below four steps must all be performed in order to flawlessly enjoy Yiddish in the Windows environment -- typing, reading, using basic Windows applications. If you omit any of these steps, don't compain to me!

1. Install Microsoft Hebrew Language Pack (In Vista/Win 7 -- go to Control Panel, Windows Update, Optional Updates. For earlier Windows versions, adding Hebrew to your system is an option you can add when updating Internet Explorer.)

2. Install a Yiddish Keyboard

3. Prepare Microsoft Office

4. Check Applicable Software Settings





Install Yiddish Keyboard(s)

Vista, Windows 7

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP

Selection of Yiddish Keyboards, updated for Vista & Windows 7
Click Here for Download & Info Central

The above link includes all of the following, which you can jump to directly below if you wish:

Ziggy's Yiddish Keyboard Layout Installer
Includes the popular "Yiddish Pasekh" keyboard plus six others to choose from in one installation.
Click Here for Free Download Page

Ziggy's "Yiddish Pasekh" Keyboard (Requires updated Keyman utility, which carries a small one-time fee. Click here for details.)

Free downloads of five Yiddish Keyboards, updated for Vista and Windows 7 (Yiddish/Hebrew, Yiddish Phonetic QWERTY, Yiddish Tsadek-X, Yiddish Non-Shift, and Yiddish Royal Typewriter) Sorry folks, but the conversion of our old keyboards from the older operating systems is being done by an international multi-continental very small team of volunteers. So, it's a slow process, but it's coming...


Prepare Microsoft Office for Yiddish
Microsoft Office Language Settings

  1. Click on the Start button.
  2. Move the pointer over Programs, then Microsoft Office Tools and click on Microsoft Office Language Settings.
  3. Select the Editing (or Enabled) Languages tab, select Hebrew and click OK.
  4. Leave your preferred language as it is unless you really want to change it and click OK.
  5. Click OK.





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