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Vista, Windows 7



If you are using Windows XP or any version of Windows which pre-dates Vista, stop reading this page; and click here instead. In order to use Ziggy's "Yiddish Pasekh" Keyboard on a Vista or Windows 7 PC, you must have the updated Keyman software utility, which carries a small one-time fee (about $19 or so, but check the below website for the current pricing).

With this arrangement you can type phonetically like the old Qwerty version or you can simply type in YIVO transcription and it comes out right, with certain rules for words of Hebrew derivation. This layout is perfect for people who are accustomed to typing Yiddish using YIVO style transliteration and/or those who wish to have computerized help with Yiddish spelling. (For explanations of "YIVO style transliteration," click here and here.) For example, you type shin with an "sh" key sequence or pasekh tsvey yudn with "ay." This keyboard automatically puts khof, mem, nun, fey, and tsadek in their final forms at the ends of words and their regular forms otherwise. Shtumer-alef is automatically inserted before ay, ey, i, oy, or u at the beginning of words. There are easy-to-remember ways to insert non-phonetic spellings of loshn-koydesh words and other requirements. This keyboard was designed by Gyula "Ziggy" Zsigri


 To download updated Keyman along with Yiddish Pasekh Keyboard in one swift download, go to the below website:
 Be sure you get
 of Keyman or later.

You need the updated Keyman Desktop Light (not Professional) version.

 Click the button for Download first.

Then, go back to "Buy" to get your Activation code.

Click here for details on how to Select the Yiddish Pasekh Keyboard in Windows 7 and Vista.

For information about how to use the Yiddish Pasekh Keyboard, you can look at Ziggy's website.



  • After completing the installation, click here for an overview of some of the working programs for Yiddish computing.

  • Click here for FAQs.


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