How to use Unicode UTF-8 for Yiddish
Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME - U.S. Version
Wordpad Configuration Instructions

IMPORTANT: These instructions assume that you have already visited a Users' Guide to Yiddish on the Internet and followed the link for your operating system to set up your computer for Yiddish. If you use Windows, this assumes that you have installed the Yiddish Keyboard Layouts at <> and have followed all instructions there for configuring your system for Yiddish Unicode UTF-8.


RichEdit Update

You can type right-to-left with Yiddish in bidirectional applications such as WordPad for Windows 98/ME, DingDang Write 2000, Internet Explorer & Outlook Express 5.01 or later.  For Windows 95/98,  install Microsoft's Windows Installer Redistributable, which will update your system's RichEdit Control to version 3.0.


Font Updates
for Win-95/98 Only



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