One-Time Installation Instructions

Windows 95/98/ME

NOTE: This is an old, outdated web page. Instead, please download the Yiddish Keyboard Layouts Installer and you will have the most current, updated instructions. This page is remaining on the web only temporarily - until the Yiddish Keyboard Layout installer will be available on CD for those who wish to avoid large downloads.

The following notes and instructions are based on documents and files which were generously contributed by the creator of this keyboard layout,  Gyula "Ziggy" Zsigri.  An explanation of this Yiddish keyboard layout may be found on the previous page.




You can freely use and distribute this package but you are not allowed to restrict the rights of others to freely use and distribute it.

(c) 2002 Gyula Zsigri. All rights reserved.

Fontboard: Fonts & Keyboards


The keyboard was inspired by Gaspar Sinai's Yudit editor
and Refoyl Finkel's Yidishe Shraybmashinke.


Thanks Dvorah Biasca, Refoyl Finkel, Hershl Glasser, Perets Mett, Noyekh Miller, Leonard Prager and Shoshke-Rayzl Yuni for their help during the development of this keyboard.



1. Download and install Tavultesoft Keyman from:

2.  Download the yidish95.kmp file by right-clicking here.

3. An Install Package dialog will pop up. Click the Install button in the Install Package dialog and
click OK at the end of the installation.

4. Restart Windows. (Start, Shut Down, Restart Computer)

5. Double-click My Computer and Control Panel (or go to Start, Settings, Control Panel).



1. Open My Computer, Control Panel, Keyboard, and select the Language tab. Select "Hebrew - Yiddish Pasekh 95," click on the Remove button and click OK.

2. Click on the Start button, move the pointer over Programs and click on "Uninstall Yiddish Pasekh 95" in the "Yiddish Pasekh 95" folder.

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